Our Workshop Service

Ready to pounce on your new digital project and ready to cut to the chase? Purr’s workshops are designed to cut the prowling from your process as we tackle the key topics during a four hour session with our team.

Held in the board room at our Whitehall office, we aim to get you out of the dark on your requirements and build a project brief to use with us or any other agency of your choosing.

  • Filtering out all of the noise to provide a clear and concise starting point.
  • How much attention should you give to branding or a re-design?
  • What’s the best software for your new undertaking?
  • Common traps that clients have fallen into and how to side step them.

We recommend bringing along members of your team that you’d like to involve. We don’t have a cap on the number of attendees (as long as they can fit in our boardroom…).

These sessions are chaired by our Head of Development and a member of our consultancy team. It’s crucial to put our best and most appropriate minds into a process like this, so our team of developers and designers join in when necessary

  • We create and develop your plan (to include targets, timeframes, outcomes etc.)
  • Have identified and understood your requirements and why they’re important.
  • Finally we want to leave you with a clear vision of how to roll this project out.
One off project workshop£600+VAT
  • Huge savings on planning costs
  • Clarity on required outputs (and inputs too...)
  • Alternative perspectives on your approach
  • Your money back when it leads to a project with us!
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