Hosting and Sysadmin

Hosting and Sysadmin

We provide and administer UK based managed servers from our hosting partner Bytemark.

Automated backups, simplified administration, system watchdogs and console shell access for power cycling give complete control of the machine, without overcomplicating the management of the system.

We’ll audit your current platform before working out what you actually need, and build our quote around it. If you decide to jump ship then we’ll put together a thorough migration plan to ensure that your services aren’t affected at any point.

For more details and a free platform audit, please contact us.

  • Linux sysadmin
  • Daily remote backups of files and databases
  • Full security audits and configuration as required
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Automated deployment
  • Server capacity and specification can be rapidly upgraded

Managed Hosting

We'll supply a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that's custom to your requirements, with round the clock monitoring to ensure that issues don't turn into lost customers.