Zendesk Customer Portal Login

Zendesk Customer Portal Login

We’ve been using Zendesk to provide support to our clients for almost as long as the company has been active. We really like it for a whole load of reasons.

You may have raised a support ticket with us before by sending an email to support@purr.zendesk.com. It’s great that the whole Purr team are notified about the new ticket, and we like that we can track the status and history of this ticket until it’s effectively dealt with. We also get monthly reports detailing how good we are at resolving these tickets.

Another reason we dig Zendesk – but is perhaps not taken advantage of as often as possible – is the customer login.

Simply put, you (the wonderful client) can log into our Zendesk portal, see all the tickets you’ve raised, the status of each of them, and the correspondence with team Purr in relation to this issue.

We thought we’d put together a quick guide on getting set up with this. It’s really quick and easy, and we think you’ll get a kick out of it

  1. Go to purr.zendesk.com, and click the sign in button in the top-right hand corner

  2. If you haven’t already, request a password by clicking the link below:

  1. Enter your email (the same one you’ve been using to send us tickets)

  1. You’ll then receive an email like this. Click the link to create a password:

  1. Enter a username and password once the page loads:

  1. You’ll then be able to log in with those credentials. Go to ‘My activities’ under the menu:

  1. Once there, you’ll see options to show your requests or your organisation requests:

Hope this helps! This doesn’t need to replace the support@purr.zendesk.com email, and if you’re happy with that then so are we. If you’d like to get this up and running but run into any problems, just let us know.


Rob Morrisby