YouTube’s Facelift and Some Useful Hacks To Use on Your Phones and Web Browsers

YouTube’s Facelift and Some Useful Hacks To Use on Your Phones and Web Browsers

YouTube Gets a Facelift

YouTube is a global platform, with 1.3 billion users, 300 hours of content uploaded every minute and 5 billion videos watched a day, it’s in a league of its own. The platform only turned 12 in late April this year but is something that virtually every person is accustomed to using. In order to stay at the top of its game, the platform needs to keep evolving much like any other technology. Which is why Youtube is currently trialling, before mass release a refreshed version of the site.

For all those who are still reeling after the LinkedIn UX “update”, fear not, the changes to YouTube are only minor and appears to only add rather than detract from user functionality. The screenshots below show how the navigation panel will change (old style is on the left, new on the right):

Youtube Old Style
Youtube New Style


As you can see, the changes are slight but give it a more contemporary feel, as quite honestly the iconography does look a tad dated when put side by side with the new design.

Additionally, YouTube has put the ‘dark mode’ feature into the system, meaning that you can also have the following display as an alternative. The ordinary mode is cleaner and will more likely appeal to the masses but the dark mode is a nice change of pace for me.

Some Useful Digital Hacks

This week I discovered the use of a handy little trick for the iPhone calculator, which is quite shameful considering it has been around since 2012. Basically, if you mistype a number, rather than pressing the C button and starting fresh, you can simply swipe left or right on the number and it will remove the last entered digit. The video below shows you this in a nice simple format.

On this theme, I thought it might be useful to include a few other tips and tricks you might not know, such as:

  • When pasting into Pages, sometimes the text wont stick to the formatting of the rest of your document, try cmd, alt, shift, v instead.
  • In Chrome, to do a reverse image search, instead of going through the rigmarole of going to Google, Image Search, Upload image; Just hold shift and right click the image.
  • To switch tabs in your browser press ctrl + tab to go forward one or ctrl + shift + tab to go back one. Similarly, cmd + tab will switch programs, but cmd + ~ will switch windows in the currently open application.
  • To select the URL bar, press cmd + L.
  • To open a tab, press cmd t, to close a tab (in chrome) or a window (everywhere else) press cmd + w or to close an application, cmd + q. More importantly, if you close a tab by mistake, cmd + shift + t will bring it back for you.
  • If you don’t like seeing top stories on facebook, bookmark the following URL and you can see the most recent stories instead:

Stephen Collins