Wix – A Quick Fix for Your Website Needs?

Wix – A Quick Fix for Your Website Needs?

The web development space is one with furious competition. With the enhanced user experiences available and the growing number of tech confident users, the space for Do It Yourself websites has seen a large amount of growth in recent years. Many of the common Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to empower users without the need of developers; Wix on the other hand has a platform that eliminates development all together.

Founded in 2006, Wix has been widely well received. PCMag.com rate the tool largely with their latest review,

“Its interface is the most intuitive, slick, and powerful. Furthermore, standout features include online storage for your site assets, cool video backgrounds, and animations for titles. A free account option, a gallery of third-party widgets for your site, and strong commerce and blogging features round out our new Editors’ Choice site builder.”

Despite a rocky February the company has maintained a strong level of growth as the firm’s quarterly revenue was up 36.5% on a year-over-year basis.

So what features does Wix have that have distinguished it amongst its DIY competitors.

Wix Site builder interface

The software uses a drag and drop style system that virtually everyone will be at home with. Unlike other similar software, Wix has a right click function enabled to allow for editing of the object you are currently working with, without the need to find an appropriate menu.

Image and Video in Wix

Wix trumps the other systems here as it allows you to set videos to auto-play on page load and to repeatedly loop, a great function of this is the ability to use not just uploaded content but images and videos from external sources too. An added bonus for the more flashy site is that the background can be set as a video.

Wix’s Ecommerce

Functions are in place to set-up the receiving of payments (although this is a premium feature). Though the benefit of Wix is the ease in which different pages, the shopping cart and thank you page can be established.

Blogging in Wix

Blog posts are simple to set up, they can be delayed, linked to social media and do everything a blog post should do. It bests its rivals because it has a different page template to compliment blog posts.

Wix on Mobiles

This is a mixed quality aspect of the software. The advantage is its auto mobile version does tick the boxes for Google’s mobile friendly check. The reality is that in order for this to resemble anything decent, you will have to manually adjust and create this version of the site as well.

Premium Wix Subscription

Although labelled as a free tool, there is a premium version. The features you get aren’t overly exciting but are useful to anyone wanting to make a more compelling website.

wix free versus wix premium

Everything up until this point sounds like a quality product. However, it’s far from perfect in our eyes. The biggest fault, and the most important to anyone using a website for their business, has to be the hosting issues. The reviews here crush Wix for their poor uptime and even more so for their poor customer service.

There are also a large number of gaps in the publicity, particularly around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Wix does not have the option for important SEO functionality which means that the pages can never get beyond a basic level. In every single Wix.com site URL, you will notice a # which is being served through javascript, and in turn is not readable by search engines. Worse still, if a user has javascript disabled on their browser then the site will not render at all (whilst this does fix the pre-existing flash issue they encountered, preventing their sites from displaying on mobile).

The issue of having a responsive site seems to get brushed over, with the amount of mobile traffic ever getting closer to levelling with desktop, a website that looks poor on a phone simply doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive market.

So, what does Wix get you? I found it amusing that when I typed in “Wix Heaven and Hell” hoping to find a split image like the one I generated for this blog post, instead I found this …. quality website.

This isn’t to say Wix is all bad. The comparison chart on WebSiteBuilderExpert.com compiles the data nicely and shows in terms of size, cost and functionality, Wix is unquestionably the best build your own website tool out there. Though the same source also has a chart displaying that Wix doesn’t have a good level of conversion from free to premium members. This really shows that this is a software for fun or free stuff, not for serious or business users.Wix users and subscribers

So what is Wix? Wix is a good user friendly way to build a website, if you’re wanting to try your hand at blogging for example. Should Wix be used for business purposes? That’s up to you. The plus point is it is about as cheap an option as you will ever find. The bad side being that for today’s market, the standard of website you end up with is so bad that you’d be better served not having one at all.

All things considered, I believe that you wouldn’t create your own slapdash car, or wedding dress or any other object which has significance to your life or lifestyle. Your business website is your shop window on the digital marketplace. How it looks is often your customers’ only impression of you. Would you rather be presented in a professional tailored suit or a woollen jumper your grandma knitted?

There is a reason the biggest DIY website builder, WIX, has a 0.2% share of the global websites market and Content Management Systems like WordPress hold approximately 25%.

Over the course of this week I will be reviewing Microsoft’s attempt to reinvigorate their declining browser market share, the problems it is causing for users and how this particular piece of software is problematic for developers. Check back next week for my thoughts or subscribe to our mailing list and have the latest Purr blog sent to your email every Friday. Got a suggestion for a blog post, or got a question you want answered, drop me an email to stephencollins@purrdigital.com.

Stephen Collins