What’s Happening Online?

What’s Happening Online?

Lots of interesting online activity lately, so rather than diving head first into one, this week we dip our toes into several pools to get the latest and greatest news.

Work Place Social Media Policies

Research in the workplace has showed that 51% of people surveyed say they have a policy in effect at their company, with 31% of the total companies having regulations about how employees must present themselves on these sites.

Strangely 77% of employees effected by this weren’t put off by this in the slightest, saying they would go online regardless of the policies.

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Of companies that have a policy in place, 30% of staff reportedly take breaks to indulge in social media, whereas this is 40% in companies that don’t. Similarly 20% of staff with policies use social media at work to keep in contact with friends and family versus a 35% rate of those who have no policy.

Something to note for the employers out there is that only 24% of employees say they use social media to strengthen and grow professional networks. 54% of these say this kind of activity gives them a mental break. Although there are always those 34% who just go on the sites to break from work entirely.

Regardless of policy or no policy, companies need to be aware of these growing trends, as researchers suggested frequent breaks make us more productive and social media should be encouraged to a certain extent. There will however, always be those who take advantage and see work as the break from their social media.

The Next Generation of Wifi

Everyone has been there, stuck somewhere with a poor 4G connection (or if your archaic like me 3G) or worse still on your laptop with no signal at all. We all turn to our saviour, Wifi. The reality is that public wifi is seldom much better. Routers have been hindered by sending data to a single device at any moment in time (but quickly enough that we think it is sending to multiple devices simultaneously). Well… the Wifi Alliance has expanded its scope to allow for Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MUMIMO) and increased the channels available to 160 MHz.

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This means that new wifi routers will be able to support sending/receiving four signals simultaneously (so quadruple the capabilities of current Wifi) and with the signal boost, potentially double speeds. Either way, users of these new devices should be able to tell the difference.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be issues with the quality of connection available, but this is still a step in the right direction. Whilst this could result in better quality and larger files, for now this should dramatically assist in page load speed – which for those who read the Browser Optimisation post know, is a vital component of staying competitive online.

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YouTube Throws Down the Gauntlet in Video Production

Video production is big business. Most people have tried their hand at editing a video, especially since the boom of Instagram. Ultimately, amateur videos look nice but can’t compete with the videos made by professionals.

YouTube has developed a plan to combat this and put more power in the Average Joe’s hands. Currently only available in the US, users can download an app and interact with some nifty editing software designed specifically for the purpose of creating adverts.

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This is a great step forward for the small business owner, as we’re seeing more and more explainer videos popping up, and an extra element of professionalism is set to arrive for negligible expense.

It’s likely that this development will have a ‘Wix-like’ effect. As in web development, YouTube are using software to automate creativity and so we don’t foresee this challenging the big companies out there just yet, especially as the target audience are the people who who wouldn’t spend money on video in the first place.

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