The WordPress Vulnerability that Brought Down the Prime Minister of Iceland

The WordPress Vulnerability that Brought Down the Prime Minister of Iceland

A hot button topic at the moment is the Mossback Fonseca Breach. For those of you who haven’t followed the news, a Panamanian law firm suffered a security breach which led to Iceland’s Prime Minister stepping down from office; as well as Russia’s President Putin and Britain’s David Cameron facing controversy.

The BBC has confirmed the breach was the result of internet hackers infiltrating the Mossback Fonseca server and extracting the papers at the centre of this scandal. Wordfence, a reputable industry site announced on 7th April that the vulnerability hackers exploited to gain access to the site was through the WordPress Revolution Slider Plugin. This Plugin is extremely common on WordPress sites, enabling the screen to have an image gallery that scrolls through automatically, thus making the site look more dynamic and increasing the amount of content which can be displayed.

The reason this element of the site brought down the security of the site was that it was not on the most up-to-date version. WordPress plugins and WordPress itself are updated regularly to protect against contemporary malware and hacks; failing to update these means that there is no protection against certain types of attack.

This level of security breach happened to cause a global scandal, yet 30,000 websites are hacked every single day and it never becomes news worthy. Whilst we trust that if someone were to hack your site that they wouldn’t find something quite so incriminating, we also understand that protecting your site, your digital shop window and in some cases your livelihood is paramount. Losing a website is never ideal when people consider the loss of data and potential recovery costs. 45% of hacked sites see search traffic impacted by a hack and 9% see a traffic drop of over 75%.

Why leave the safety and security of your site to chance? Call Purr on 020 3137 5612 or email and prevent an issue like this before it can occur. Not sure if your website needs an update? 37.5 million WordPress sites are currently not on the latest version, not allowing for Plugins, which as Iceland’s Prime Minister can attest, it only takes one small problem to bring down a World Leader.
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Stephen Collins