Tech Smart – Purr Traffic, Centre Stage

Tech Smart – Purr Traffic, Centre Stage

Purr Traffic, is Purr Digital’s new sister company, which exploded into the SEO market at the start of November. It’s headed up by Deepak Shukla, a marketing wizard with an impressive resume that also includes ultra marathons, SAS selection and a music career. Now as MD of Purr Traffic, Deepak was the man behind Tech Smart’s SEO and social media work, as well as one of their Keynote speakers.

TechSmart is the only place to go for information on the range of technologies which support NFPs’ CRM strategies. This fast-paced event brought together NFP organisations, suppliers, industry thought leaders and educators to showcase products and services and share emerging technologies for the sector. Another Keynote speaker at this event was Greg Williams of Wired magazine.

The Story

Deepak chose an experience of ultramarathon running for the basis of his keynote.

115km ascent into the mountains of Madeira – that ultimately would become 125km and take him up to 2,100 meters; MIUT Ultra trail Madeira Video.

To understand what this entails, you must hear about the preparation:

  • 6-hour gym sessions, half marathons, 21k rows, 3-hour bike rides three times a week, alongside a monstrous number of box jumps, squat thrusts and something called Jacobs Ladder;
  • A trail marathon two weeks before the event in Almourol; and
  • Thousands of road miles in the months preceding this event.

Deepak raised no money and yet documented next to nothing – so his story was lost. The madness in his mission was that it had no voice.

That was two and a half years ago now – and we don’t want you to make the same mistakes that he did. What he should have done is:

  • Told us about his pain;
  • Shared the stories of his 5am mornings and 5pm cat naps in the office toilets;
  • Tweeted about his 5,000-meter swims; and
  • Snapchatted an image atop a mountain, uploaded a YouTube video to his channel, and posted on Facebook video of the nutrition that got him through it.

So now imagine driving everyone to his profile and sharing his story using the invite all hack that he revealed in his Keynote speech.

Where Purr Traffic Comes In

What a story he could have told. Make sure you create your story. Not everyone will have achieved such literal climbs, but the growth and evolution of your business is a crowning achievement that you should make aware to your audience. So don’t delay, start today.

If you want to find out more about Deepak and how Purr Traffic can drive customers to your site, you can find out more about them on their website; and all over social media.

Stephen Collins