The Purr Panther has a New Stomping Ground!

The Purr Panther has a New Stomping Ground!

Like many modern creatures, the Purr Panther has continued to grow beyond the limits of its habitat, finding a new dwelling in the City. Saddened to be leaving its Lion brethren in Trafalgar Square, it hasn’t wasted any time taking over Blackfriars!

So what does this mean for the Purr team? It means we now have a huge office, with ample room to grow, on Tudor Street. We have all the same facilities as the Whitehall office and our services will only continue to improve.

For those of you interested in our Workshops, we have great new boardroom facilities in which to host these. Likewise, if you just want to pop in for a coffee and a nosy, feel free to pop by anytime.

Our new front door:


Our new boardroom:


Our team settled into their new territory:



Stephen Collins