Want to Visualise a Site or APP? Start Prototyping with Invision

Want to Visualise a Site or APP? Start Prototyping with Invision

Why Prototyping is Useful

When looking to make a serious strategic move in digital, whether it’s redevelopment or market entry, an important step is prototyping. This makes sure the idea you have is feasible and that you iron out usability kinks before moving on to the development stage, where changes are not so easily made. There is a stark contrast between emailing dozens of JPEG files to a client or colleages and sending them a link to an interactive prototype that they can explore like the finished product.

Our Recommended Prototyping Tool

When it comes to choosing a prototyping tool, there are more than a few to chose from. We’d recommend Invision, a simple but elegant tool that can be used by pros and amateurs alike.

Invision is a great tool if you don’t want to fork out for a package that you don’t see yourself using time and time again. For 1 active project, there is a free licence. For more users and projects, the prices start to increment reasonably from $15 to $100 per month.


This tool is very easy to pick up, it allows device testing for both web and mobile and, if you do decide to pay for a subscription, you can collaborate in real time on a project – Invision’s biggest asset.

The features on offer include a preview mode, comments, version control, and file syncing. Whilst building your prototype, there are a variety of transition animations and mobile gestures available to breathe life into what would be static content. 


You can also create hover and click states for design elements. This allows for functions such as drop-down menus and hover states for buttons to create a more representative example of the finished product, as well as functionality to move from page to page.

The developers of Invision have created plugins that allow your designs to be populated with real data from Photoshop and Sketch, called Craft.

So what are you waiting for? Put pen to paper and wireframe your app or site.

Stephen Collins