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The WordPress Vulnerability that Brought Down the Prime Minister of Iceland

A hot button topic at the moment is the Mossback Fonseca Breach. For those of you who haven’t followed the news, a Panamanian law firm suffered a security breach which led to Iceland’s Prime Minister stepping down from office; as well as Russia’s President Putin and Britain’s David Cameron facing controversy. The BBC has confirmed the breach was the result of internet hackers infiltrating the Mossback Fonseca server and extracting the papers at the centre of this scandal. Wordfence, a reputable industry.

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Digital strategy looking uncertain? Try a Purr Workshop

Spring. Nature brings new life into the world. And we want to help our clients’ ideas blossom into digital strategies and project plans. As of today our new workshop service has now launched, with a number of sessions already booked in our Whitehall office boardroom. This low cost workshop service has been created to help with project planning, scoping and specification development. You bring your ideas and your team, we help develop the understanding in a format tailored to your requirements. Suggested topics for a workshop include: Filtering out all of.

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