All That Jazz – WordPress Version 4.5 has been Released

All That Jazz – WordPress Version 4.5 has been Released

Coleman Hawkins, a legendary Jazz Musician and now the namesake of WordPress’ latest release, 4.5 a.k.a. Coleman. What do the pair have in common? Smoothness. Especially when it comes to previewing and editing content.

So what array of new goodies has this release brought us? Well certainly more than Apple’s latest iPhone offering. WordPress has released new functions within its editing tools so now users can add links inline. This is alongside newly introduced formatting shortcuts e.g. type “—” to insert a line across the text area.

The best feature, in our opinion, is that the editor will now allow for live responsive previews. What does this mean? It means you to see your site in mobile, tablet or desktop format within the customisation tool, so gone are the days of switching to your mobile or a previewing web app. This is a great addition to WordPress, albeit a bit old hat as this adds a benefit which SilverStripe has had for some time. Also added to this area of the Content Management System (CMS) is the ability to insert your logos into your theme templates.

Benefits for WordPress Developers

There have also been a few techy enhancements that will help your developers and make things run a little smoother behind the scenes:

  • Smart image resizing
  • Selective refresh
  • Script loader improvements
  • Better embedded templates
  • JavaScript library updates

These changes probably won’t mean much to the average WordPress user. Behind the jargon the release has brought about tweaks to its code, meaning it requires less changes to enact certain functions and other elements are simpler to write. As a user the only noticeable benefit from this list is the smart image resizing. This will load generated images twice as fast as before, without any noticeable sacrifice to quality.

Our take on these updates: they are useful, not ground breaking. The key reason to take interest in this release is that a new update brings about security enhancements as well. For those of you who read my last post about the Mossback Fonseca breach, you already know how critical it is to maintain your WordPress site.

So now you know the news, action it! Get your WordPress site brought up to speed, if you aren’t a tech savvy reader or don’t have a system in place for managing updates such as this, head over to Purr’s WordPress maintenance package to see what services Purr provides that take care of these for you.

If you are curious to learn more about the WordPress release, I suggest you check out their official blog post on the topic, it has a nice explanatory video which demos a couple of these features.

Next week I will be reviewing browser optimisation and the impact it has on your business. Alongside this I will be playing with the new browser Vivaldi which is pegged to be a future player due to its high level of user customisation and integrations. Check back next week for my thoughts or subscribe to our mailing list and have the Purr’s weekly blog sent to your email. Got a suggestion for a blog post or a question you want answered? Drop me an email to

Stephen Collins