70 Years and Only Growing Stronger

70 Years and Only Growing Stronger

Do you know what ENIAC is? Well, it is something of particular interest this month as the 12th April this year marked the 70th birthday of something that has undeniably shaped the world we know today. We are referring to the birth of a highly skilled and current profession, programming.

70 years ago this month, a machine known as ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) ran the first code using modern conventions. Admittedly, when running computations for the Hydrogen bomb on a machine bigger than a number of London flats, I doubt the people who made this achievement could ever imagine that we would hold devices in our hands so drastically more powerful within their lifetimes.


ENIAC was capable of running functions found in modern code, such as loops: meaning that it was capable of repeating a process over and over until it found a valid option (or was instructed to stop).

Perhaps more interestingly, given current diversity issues within the industry, the people behind the first tests run on ENIAC was made up of a team only of six women, no men. Despite this though, it took 50 years for this to become public knowledge.

Want to Find Out More About ENIAC?

If you are interested in reading up more on ENIAC and the foundation of modern programming, the official website is here. It features a documentary, quotes and texts all based around or by the women behind the programming.

Stephen Collins