Earth and the Internet

Earth and the Internet

Earth’s population continues to grow, pushing the number of internet users dramatically. Hootsuite (a popular social media publishing tool) and WeAreSocial have published their Q2 2017 update to the global internet statistics report. Inside which are many useful pieces of information when thinking about your website and digital presence:




If you’re considering a social campaign, you should definitely read the report and give its findings some consideration. For further advice on that topic, talk to Deepak over at Purr Traffic who can advise on how to maximise your effectiveness on these platforms.

See the Earth and not just Demographics

Google is holding an event for the relaunch of Google Earth next week. Earth has been known to include some features such as global warming effects over time, these being a significant differentiator between Earth and its Google rival, Maps. So alongside the expected new UX, don’t be surprised if you see new features such as VR (which would be inline with the November announcement). More will be known on April 18th.

google earth

Progressive Loading

The latest Chrome announcement is the unveiling of Scroll Anchoring. This is Google’s step towards a solution for problems with progressive loading, which has its uses but is over-encumbered by media-heavy sites. This new technique can supposedly eliminate up to 3-page jumps per page load, so there is still room to improve this further.

As this solution might not be suitable for all sites, there is a way to deactivate this on your sites using a CSS property. If this is something you want to do, instructions can be found here.

Stephen Collins