Networking for Diversity in Tech

Networking for Diversity in Tech

Current Diversity in Tech

One of the biggest problems facing the global technology sector is a lack of diversity; the ratio of male and female employees in major tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple is 7:3. The percentage of black employees is even more disheartening; at YouTube and Twitter this is only 2% of the total workforce. The trend is common within Silicon Valley; the majority of employees are either white or Asian males. For the complete breakdown, please see the table by

The lack of diversity in tech is a problem for multiple reasons. First and foremost is that excluding people from a group on the basis of race or gender is unjust. We live in a world that is increasingly shaped by technology, and diversity is a crucial element of this. Diversity creates a heterogeneous environment which helps innovation thrive. This is an important consideration when creating software that changes the way we interact with the world and each other.

The Future of Diversity in Tech

But it’s not all bad news! The London tech scene has given birth to a number of great diversity initiatives such as, a non-profit initiative that runs programming workshops to facilitate the growth of a diverse tech community. Taking inspiration from this, I recently organised the first tech meet-up for Afro-Carribbean tech professionals, Black Techies.

The Black Techies Initiative

Black Techies was created to help increase collaborations and discussion for black people in the Technology industry. Our aim is to create a platform for ideas to bring more black people into the tech scene, whilst also raising awareness about some of the obstacles that black people face in tech. One of the biggest reasons for the absence of Afro-Carribbean developers is a lack of exposure and understanding of software development in black communities.

If you’re someone not in the tech industry, but wants to learn more, this is a great opportunity for you to meet tech professionals and find out more about the wonderful world of tech in London.

You don’t have to be black to attend, we don’t want to exclude anyone who supports our cause and wants to learn about the smallest demographic in tech. We only ask that you respect that our primary objective, which is to create a platform for the black community to gain a more active position in the sector.

The group was created to help increase collaboration and discussion between black people in the Computer/Software Technology industry. As one of the smallest demographics in the tech industry, it’s easy to feel alone as a black tech professional. The aim of this group is to bring us together and create a safe space where we can support and inspire one another, whilst also being a platform to bring more black people into tech and raise awareness about some of the obstacles black people in tech face. For more details, please see our Eventbrite page or follow me on Twitter (@adil_w3nomad).

*UPDATE* We originally released 50 tickets for this event, due to popular demand, we have released a second batch! Get yours now! *UPDATE*

We look forward to seeing you there and appreciate it if anyone is kind enough to share this post to help spread awareness.



Adil Ali