DeepCoder and The Beginning of the End

DeepCoder and The Beginning of the End

Microsoft has been a market leader in many different areas of technology for years. Whilst it’s often beaten by other behemoths in certain elements, there is one way in which they are definitely the market disrupters (and not just by removing a USB port or a headphone jack): their latest innovation, DeepCoder.

DeepCoder is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows computers to write code themselves. The implications of such software, in a mature form, are often portrayed in apocalyptic movies about man versus machine. Imagine a world where your computer can grow beyond the sum of the limits we impose, that can research, learn and retain information about any topics at significantly faster rates than any mere human.

But all of that is fantasy, at least for now…

Microsoft’s DeepCoder is more akin to a novice coder or a school child who didn’t do their assignment and plagiarises someone else’s work. The software can read code, discover an error and will search for similar coding. With the results, it will try all the possible solutions it can, and by sheer attrition solve the problem.

It’s an advanced cheating system, that borrows other code to fit into an existing system but can handle fixing up to five lines of code at once. With the flood gates now open, it’s likely that advancements will come all the more quickly – especially with the latest work taking place in Quantum Computing.

The Future with DeepCoder

So for now, professional programmers are safe and just the novice coders, who still rely on StackOverflow, are going the way of the Dodo. But the work is looking promising, so who knows, maybe in 5, 10, 20 years time, you might be using AI entirely to develop your sites and apps.

Much more can be found in Microsoft’s official release.


Stephen Collins

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