Dashing through the snow, on an open source WordPress website

Dashing through the snow, on an open source WordPress website

T’is the season to be jolly, all across London the decorations are twinkling day and night. So why don’t we bring a little Christmas cheer and deck some websites, and not just the halls! Here are a few free plugins that you can easily add to your WordPress website and show a little seasonal cheer.

1) Adding a WordPress snow plugin

If you want to create a snow falling effect on your website, there are multiple options. If your site is already quite heavy in file size, we would recommend, Xmas-Snow. This plugin doesn’t have any customisable options and is the lightweight option that will not noticeably affect your site’s performance.


If you’re looking for a bit more control, or indeed the ability to make the weather outside frightful (and the fire and shopping on your website so delightful) then check out Tribulant Snow Storm. This plugin has a whole host of different features that allow you to change everything from colour to melt speed of the flakes.


2) Add an advent calendar to you site

Everyone is counting down the days until Christmas (and the time off work), so why not add a feature to do this to your website. The added bonus is being able to add different images or offers via the advent calendar, giving your users a reason to come back each day and see what new surprise lies behind each door. Choose the cover image and what you want inside each day’s door and WP advent will take care of the rest.

chirstmas advent-calendar-plugin

3) Turn on the festive lights

Returning to the illumination of London, add some light and colour to your site with Xmas lights. This simple plugin will drop a string of lights across the top of your page. Whilst this might not be suitable depending on your page layout, it’s sure to have a home on many a site.


4) Add a festive greeting

Big budget companies invest in design and development of new header images to create a festive greeting for their potential customers. Whilst there isn’t a plugin that will give you a truly bespoke look and feel, you can still give your personal greetings with Holiday Message. This plugin will display a message of your choice, a countdown to Christmas and one of seven pre-loaded images.  It can also be customised to fit into the most appropriate part of your page.

xmas-message-3 xmas-message-2 xmas-message-1    


5) Create a custom style for your Christmas site

If you know CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) you can change the style of your website so that it has a more Christmassy vibe with WP Christmas Class. An advantage of this plugin is that once you’ve done it, it can have a date range set so that it will automatically override and revert back to your standard theme for just the relevant dates. This is a simple version of how the site can be set (the sky, or rather your knowledge of CSS, is the limit).


5) Not so silent site

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Carol? Add songs to your website to automatically play on loading with Christmas Music. The users will have the option to hit pause if they are being a grinch but for the majority of people, it will be a nice little jingle to pick up their mood when on your site.

So there you have it, a few ways to bring a little cheer to your site. There are many more alternatives out there and of course there are always bespoke alternatives. If you’re running a simple WordPress blog or marketing site, these are most likely the most effective solutions for you.

All of us at Purr (Nick, Vicki, Rob, Andrew, James, Adil, Emilie, Deepak and myself) wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Stephen Collins