8.5 WordPress Dev Improvements You Can Make Without Hiring Us!

Anyone with a website, WordPress or otherwise, will receive and most likely hates the typical web developer prospecting email. Everyone will have had one at one time or another, or several times a day if you are particularly “fortunate”. So this post is the antithesis of that email. I am not messaging saying I can offer you a service. Instead, today is about 8.5 things you, yes you, can do to your own WordPress website in order to improve it; all of which is.

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Amazon Wants You To Push The Button

In a world of lazy solutions to eliminate consumer effort and increase orders, we’re faced with the likes of Deliveroo, Uber, Netflix; even Starbucks has an “order your coffee before you arrive” app to cut out the queue. The use of the internet and apps have played no small part in the successes of these services; and the downfall of the big name UK high-street brands like Woolworths, BHS and HMV. Not content with being the domineering force that has replaced these.

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