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Tech Smart – Purr Traffic, Centre Stage

Purr Traffic, is Purr Digital’s new sister company, which exploded into the SEO market at the start of November. It’s headed up by Deepak Shukla, a marketing wizard with an impressive resume that also includes ultra marathons, SAS selection and a music career. Now as MD of Purr Traffic, Deepak was the man behind Tech Smart’s SEO and social media work, as well as one of their Keynote speakers. TechSmart is the only place to go for information on the range of technologies.

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What’s Happening Online?

Lots of interesting online activity lately, so rather than diving head first into one, this week we dip our toes into several pools to get the latest and greatest news. Work Place Social Media Policies Research in the workplace has showed that 51% of people surveyed say they have a policy in effect at their company, with 31% of the total companies having regulations about how employees must present themselves on these sites. Strangely 77% of employees effected by this weren’t put off by this in.

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