Tech Smart – Purr Traffic, Centre Stage

Purr Traffic, is Purr Digital’s new sister company, which exploded into the SEO market at the start of November. It’s headed up by Deepak Shukla, a marketing wizard with an impressive resume that also includes ultra marathons, SAS selection and a music career. Now as MD of Purr Traffic, Deepak was the man behind Tech Smart’s SEO and social media work, as well as one of their Keynote speakers. TechSmart is the only place to go for information on the range of technologies.

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Mobigeddon – Were You Left Behind in Google’s Rapture?

Eighteen months ago on, April 21st 2015, Google’s version of an apocalyptic level event occurred; Mobigeddon. This event was the Search Engine equivalent of the Rapture, where all mobile friendly sites were lifted to the top of Google’s mobile search results and all non-friendly sites were left behind. Needless to say, this event caused some volatility in the global rankings for keywords and even now some companies have still failed to jump on the band waggon. Finding out where you stand post-Mobigeddon.

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Google SERP Changes

Whilst you might not recognise the term, everyone here is familiar with a Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). On the off chance of any confusion, it looks like this … As you can see, there are a number of links, URLs and descriptions that line up nicely underneath my search. Due to the limited amount of space available on the page, there are restrictions on the volume of content that can be displayed. Google has until recently capped these as: 50-60 characters.

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