Want to Visualise a Site or APP? Start Prototyping with Invision

Why Prototyping is Useful When looking to make a serious strategic move in digital, whether it’s redevelopment or market entry, an important step is prototyping. This makes sure the idea you have is feasible and that you iron out usability kinks before moving on to the development stage, where changes are not so easily made. There is a stark contrast between emailing dozens of JPEG files to a client or colleages and sending them a link to an interactive prototype that they.

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Mobigeddon – Were You Left Behind in Google’s Rapture?

Eighteen months ago on, April 21st 2015, Google’s version of an apocalyptic level event occurred; Mobigeddon. This event was the Search Engine equivalent of the Rapture, where all mobile friendly sites were lifted to the top of Google’s mobile search results and all non-friendly sites were left behind. Needless to say, this event caused some volatility in the global rankings for keywords and even now some companies have still failed to jump on the band waggon. Finding out where you stand post-Mobigeddon.

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Responsive Emails Have Landed, Sort of…

My phone is the centre of my universe. It helps me when I’m lost. It holds my notes and reminders (essentially it’s my memory). When I wake up in the morning to the alarm on my phone the first thing I do is swipe the screen. If I have any push-notifications from my Gmail app, I browse any new emails I’ve received. As of September 30th, Gmail email clients have started to support media queries and embedded styles. Litmus has a ‘live.

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