Senior Citizen Coders, .Net WordPress and ISIS WordPress Sites

This week, we take a look at an 81 year old lady who’s had an app published on the iOS App store, a company that have built a compiler for WordPress using .NET and’s inaction against ISIS’ use of their blogging platform. It’s never too late to start coding! Most people associate coding with younger generations, imaginging the typical developer as a teenager sat in a hoody in front of a laptop. All signs point towards a growing new generation of.

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DeepCoder and The Beginning of the End

Microsoft has been a market leader in many different areas of technology for years. Whilst it’s often beaten by other behemoths in certain elements, there is one way in which they are definitely the market disrupters (and not just by removing a USB port or a headphone jack): their latest innovation, DeepCoder. DeepCoder is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows computers to write code themselves. The implications of such software, in a mature form, are often portrayed in apocalyptic movies.

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