jQuery and Why It May Be The Wrong Choice

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library, so it may come as a surprise to some developers that it might not be the correct choice, and in many cases – it’s just not necessary. You could even say overkill. This graph demonstrates just how widely it is used. With the popularity of the web on mobile (as of 2014 it surpassed desktop browsing) you could see why it has become essential for a developer to also work on developing a mobile friendly and.

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When I grow up I wanna be….

The day has come, the world has changed and I feel like I belong in a museum. A new generation of tech savvy youngsters, with a greater understanding of the technical world than their parents, use tablets, mobiles and computers to advance their education at a faster rate than ever before and many learn coding fundamentals through games from as young as five! Gamification is a very diverse market, targeting different age categories from primary school children through to secondary school and adults. There is.

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