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Tech Jargon Busting with Sideways and Yet More Google News

Sideways Jargon Buster Sideways has released to solve a common problem. Everyone knows some form of jargon. It doesn’t matter if you’re a techie, a civil servant, a fashion designer or work in a pizza shop. Each has their own words and phrases that mean nothing to the general public. Either way, you start to see how confusion can occur when talking to someone from a different specialism. As developers, we strive to talk to our clients in plain English to avoid any.

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Twitter Trump Blunder, Facebook new two factor verification and Google Maps gets wheelchair friendly

Twitter may have made you follow Trump People who were fans of Obama will have most likely been following the @POTUS account on Twitter. When Trump took office, the @POTUS tweets from the Obama administration were archived under @POUTS44, the tweet count was reset but all followers continued to be followers of the main account. All of this sounds normal, except for when Twitter started to encounter issues after not realising how difficult a task migrating millions of followers would be. Due.

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