Zendesk Customer Portal Login

We’ve been using Zendesk to provide support to our clients for almost as long as the company has been active. We really like it for a whole load of reasons. You may have raised a support ticket with us before by sending an email to It’s great that the whole Purr team are notified about the new ticket, and we like that we can track the status and history of this ticket until it’s effectively dealt with. We also get monthly.

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Responsive Emails Have Landed, Sort of…

My phone is the centre of my universe. It helps me when I’m lost. It holds my notes and reminders (essentially it’s my memory). When I wake up in the morning to the alarm on my phone the first thing I do is swipe the screen. If I have any push-notifications from my Gmail app, I browse any new emails I’ve received. As of September 30th, Gmail email clients have started to support media queries and embedded styles. Litmus has a ‘live.

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