70 Years and Only Growing Stronger

Do you know what ENIAC is? Well, it is something of particular interest this month as the 12th April this year marked the 70th birthday of something that has undeniably shaped the world we know today. We are referring to the birth of a highly skilled and current profession, programming. 70 years ago this month, a machine known as ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) ran the first code using modern conventions. Admittedly, when running computations for the Hydrogen bomb on a machine.

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Networking for Diversity in Tech

Current Diversity in Tech One of the biggest problems facing the global technology sector is a lack of diversity; the ratio of male and female employees in major tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple is 7:3. The percentage of black employees is even more disheartening; at YouTube and Twitter this is only 2% of the total workforce. The trend is common within Silicon Valley; the majority of employees are either white or Asian males. For the complete breakdown, please see the.

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