Earth and the Internet

Earth’s population continues to grow, pushing the number of internet users dramatically. Hootsuite (a popular social media publishing tool) and WeAreSocial have published their Q2 2017 update to the global internet statistics report. Inside which are many useful pieces of information when thinking about your website and digital presence: If you’re considering a social campaign, you should definitely read the report and give its findings some consideration. For further advice on that topic, talk to Deepak over at Purr Traffic who can advise.

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Google’s Been Busy With Guetzli and Chrome

Guetzli “Cookie” breaks JPEGs down even further Google has been driving the movement towards a mobile first internet. Amongst their repertoire of methods, markups, and tools are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Brotli (better compression rate than GZip) and separate SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for desktop and mobile browsers. Their latest development, Guetzli, is a JPEG compression tool that boasts a 35% reduction in file size with minimal sacrifice in quality. When put head to head with libjpeg, the Guetzli algorithm typically.

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