Google Maps Changes and How This Will Impact Your Business Website

Since 2007 Google allowed you to embed their maps feature onto your own site using its embed code snippets. But recently Google announced that whilst its maps will still work as they had done previously and retain all of its functionality – when embedding a Google map, you will be required to use an API key. Failure to undertake the required update will result in your website users encountering the likes of this error: The Problem “As of June 22, 2016 we are making the following.

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What’s an API ?

Developers love to refer to APIs. But what does API mean? Google says: So, API stands for Application Program Interface, but this still leaves jargon like routines, protocols and the acronym GUI left unanswered. For a simple insight into what an API does, imagine the following scenario: You are starting a company and want to open a shop to sell your products (lets say a bakery); You open a store on the high street (or create a simple WordPress website) but at.

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