Smart Home War, Google and New MasterCard Security

Cortana Joins The Fight As The War for the Smartest Home Rages On The smart home space is starting to get competitive, especially as Cortana (Microsoft) throws its hat into the ring against Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home. Expected to hit stores in Autumn 2017, Microsoft’s latest Cortana offering is near identical to that of its competitors (it even looks like a sleeker version of Alexa), just with minor tweaks for its own product range, e.g. Cortana will work across your Microsoft.

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Amazon Wants You To Push The Button

In a world of lazy solutions to eliminate consumer effort and increase orders, we’re faced with the likes of Deliveroo, Uber, Netflix; even Starbucks has an “order your coffee before you arrive” app to cut out the queue. The use of the internet and apps have played no small part in the successes of these services; and the downfall of the big name UK high-street brands like Woolworths, BHS and HMV. Not content with being the domineering force that has replaced these.

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