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jQuery and Why It May Be The Wrong Choice

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library, so it may come as a surprise to some developers that it might not be the correct choice, and in many cases – it’s just not necessary. You could even say overkill. This graph demonstrates just how widely it is used. With the popularity of the web on mobile (as of 2014 it surpassed desktop browsing) you could see why it has become essential for a developer to also work on developing a mobile friendly and.

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SSL Certificates – Why Have One?

In layman’s terms, an SSL certificate is something that makes your site more secure. When buying something security related for important things in our lives, e.g. a safe, strong windows or an alarm system, people generally seem to be a bit more clued up about what the security they are buying actually does. Online we tend to just accept we need it. But why? SSL Basics SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. Secure Socket Layers are “the standard security technology.

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8.5 WordPress Dev Improvements You Can Make Without Hiring Us!

Anyone with a website, WordPress or otherwise, will receive and most likely hates the typical web developer prospecting email. Everyone will have had one at one time or another, or several times a day if you are particularly “fortunate”. So this post is the antithesis of that email. I am not messaging saying I can offer you a service. Instead, today is about 8.5 things you, yes you, can do to your own WordPress website in order to improve it; all of which is.

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